50,000 square feet of Equipment, Valves, Fittings

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10601 Wetmore Rd
San Antonio, TX 78216
Walk-ins by appointment only.
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Container Season Begins
First containers of tanks for 2016 arrived New Years Eve. These 3 have Z6100-C tanks. Another 22 containers are on the ocean.

August afternoon 2014. Loading outbound trucks to Washington state, New York/Rhode Island, California, and Michigan.

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10601 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio

The San Antonio warehouse is nearly 50,000 sf, located at northeast end of San Antonio airport. Intersection of Wetmore and Broadway. Walk-ins by appointment only.
June, 2016.

Letina tanks

Hobby Presses

Filling Machine with Sparger

Stelvin Capper
Letina Filters
Quality Control and Analysis
Surface Roughness Tester ensures our sanitary fittings meet industry requirement. In this example, Ra=14.1 micro-inch, exceeding the 3A requirement of 32 micro-inch. We have invested over $40,000 in laboratory equipment for QC/QA of sanitary valves and fittings.
St. Pat's X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer identifies composition of stainless steel. We test bulk stainless before production, components during production, and all shipments of valves, fittings, tanks, and other stainless steel items to verify quality of the stainless. The display indicates this tee has 8.19% Ni, 18.58% Cr, ... and the software identifies the material as 304 S/S in a mere 6.4 seconds. This portable XRF analyzer, the Niton XL3t, is $35,000.