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Inflatable Gaskets
Information regarding the Inflatable Gaskets

Determining Correct Gasket Size

  1. Measure inside diameter of tank in inches (not the lid).
  2. Multiply by 2.54
  3. This is diameter in cm
  4. Choose matching diameter from table. [If diameter lies between two sizes, choose the smaller tube.]

Polyurethane gaskets may seem too small. They can stretch at least 10%.
It is easier to inflate (stretch) the gasket prior to putting it on the lid.

Black Rubber stem is larger diameter than hole in our lid (0.46" vs 0.4"). You must enlarge the hole. Easiest way is to use a step drill bit, available at Home Depot etc. or online at P/N 89315A46.

Inflatable gaskets have 30 day warranty subject to normal use and service.

Air Pumps for Inflatable Gaskets
Periodic maintenance
Remove the valve (black knob in photo) and lubricate orings and end seal.

Please note. Do not overtighten black knob---particularly if it has a teflon tip to make the seal. Teflon "cold-flows". This means it changes shape under pressure. Overtightening will change the shape of the teflon, making it harder to seal in the future.
Pumps for air tubes have 5 day warranty subject to normal use and service.

Small Air Pump D28 $55
Far right in photo.
diameter of stainless body is 28 mm, just over 1".
This has hook to hang over lip of tank.

D28 rebuild kit $12
Includes Teflon tip and small oring for valve, and 2 larger orings for D28 pump.
(8 mm press fit)

Large D40 Air Pump with bracket $110 sold out
Far left in photo.
diameter of stainless body is 40 mm, just over 1.5".
Larger tanks have pump mounted in bracket that bolts to leg of tank. This is replacement pump including bracket, gauge....
Large D40 Air Pump without bracket $85
Center in photo.
diameter of stainless body is 40 mm, just over 1.5".
Larger tanks have pump mounted in bracket that bolts to leg of tank. This is replacement pump without the bracket, gauge, ....
D40 rebuild kit $12
Includes Teflon tip and small oring for valve, and 2 larger orings for D40 pump. (8 mm press fit)

Replacement Gauge for Pump $11
1/4" pipe thread. Same gauge for D28 and D40 air pumps.
How to Determine Pipe Thread Size

Soft tubing--Air Pump to Inflatable Gasket $1.20/ft
5/16" ID.

Sight Level Tubing for Letina Tanks
16 mm OD soft tubing $3.25 per ft
This is Replacement Tubing for level tubes (clear hard plastic) on Letina tanks. Much easier to ship and more durable than the hard tube. Regulatory compliance with FDA, 3A, USDA, and USP VI.

Compression Sleeve for Sight Level Tubing $7
Replacement rubber compression sleeve for 16 mm tubing. Grey color, about 1" long.

Brass Bushing for Rectangular Door $4 each

3-way Valve of Sight Level Tube
The sight level tubes have 3-way valve.
One side goes into tank and uses DN15 gasket.
Side Port is identical to Letina Sample Tap. see parts below.
Drain Port has a differnt teflon tip and oring.
(8 mm press fit)

Teflon Tip and Oring for Drain Port $8
8 mm press fit teflon tip. You must use a mallet to drive it in.

Complete 3-way Valve for Sight Level Tube $130 sold out
The parts above and below should fix any 3-way valve, short of losing one. DN15

Letina Sample Tap Parts
Fits Letina tanks (DN15). Leak can be fixed by replacing either Gasket, Teflon tip, or Oring.
If it leaks around the DN valve connection, it is the Gasket. If it drips from the spout when closed, it is the Teflon tip. If it drips out the end when open, it is the Oring.

Do not overtighten sample taps. This deforms the teflon tip.
Grease sample taps annually. Grease oring, teflon tip, and threads.

Rebuild Kit for Sample Tap $8
Includes teflon tip and oring. (tip is 6 mm press fit)
DN15 gasket is not included.

If you wish to cap off a Letina Sample tap you need DIN15 Round Nut, DIN15 End Cap, and DIN15 gasket. Same items can cap off the level indicator port.

  • DIN15 Round Nut $9
  • DIN15 End Cap $7
  • DIN15 Gasket $5

Spanner wrench that we use to remove Letina sample tap is available at P/N 55165A37

Complete Sample Tap $75
The parts above should fix any sample tap, short of losing one. DN15

Wheels for Letina tanks.
Measure diameter of wheel.

Swivel w/ Break Diameter 80 mm (3.1") $115
Swivel w/ Break Diameter 150 mm (5.9") $165
Swivel w/ Break Diameter 200 mm (7.9") $245

Capacitor for M2000 mixing tank $55
50 uF, 450V, 50 mm x 95 mm (2" x 3-5/8")

Capacitor for M1000 mixing tank $55
25 uF, 450V, 40 mm x 95 mm (1.5" x 3-5/8")

Switch for Mixing Tanks
complete with case
Switch for M2000/4000 3-phase $125 sold out
Switch for M1000, 1-phase $120


Black butyl rubber
(see note above regarding enlarging hole in lid )
St. Pat's
Letina tank
40 cm
100 lt
50 cm
200 lt
60 cm
300 lt
80 cm
600 lt
95 cm
1000 lt
110 cm
2000 lt
1950 lt
160 cm
4000 lt
175 cm
6000 lt
190 cm
8500 lt

Vent-211 $50
Replacement vent

  • Standard on our tanks
  • Pressure vents at 0.05 psi
  • Vacuum break at 0.05 psi (let air/gas into tank when tank is drained)
  • Max flow rate 125 GPM (Be sure the flow rate matches or exceeds the pump speed when filling/emptying)
  • Associated lid tube mitigates wime coming through (as with inexpensive white vents)
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Better seal than white plastic vents
  • Hard grey plastic

2" TC x female Adapter $120
Adapter to replace Vent-211 with 2" Triclamp port.
304 stainless. Includes gasket.
Replacement rubber Gasket $4


Vent 211 with 2" Triclamp $79
This is not for our tank. This is used to add a Vent-211 to another brand of tank that has a 2" Triclamp port.

Thru-Wall Revolving Spray Ball 1.5"-2" $150
These are placed through a TriClamp port on a tank.
All of our closed top tanks have extra 2" TC port on top.

  • Fits 2" TriClamp port on tank. Inlet is 1.5" Triclamp. Ball diameter 1.75". Total length 12.5" 304 stainless.
  • Pressure: 30 psi
  • Flow: 50 GPM
  • Cleaning diameter: 8'
  • Lubricate periodically with food grade silicone spray. Be sure to rinse well with water after cleaning. Always lubricate after cleaning.

Rotating Arm for TriClamp Valve
The original simple Rotating Arm—designed, manufactured, and introduced to the wine industry by St. Pat's.
Allows you to drain up to 8" above or below the racking valve of the tank. It is also an answer to a tank with only one valve and the lees at the valve height.

  • Change a fixed height valve into a variable height valve
    Drain tank from up to 8" above or below a racking valve
    Drain tank from up to 8" above the lowest side wall valve.
    Fittings to fit 1.5" or 2" TriClamp
    For new tanks or retrofit any tank
    Simple to operate
    True Stainless Steel Sanitary Fitting--high polish sanitary fitting designed by St. Pats
  • TC Clamp and Teflon Gasket included

The Rotating Arm is an independent fitting that is inserted between the butterfly valve and the tank ferrule. Prior to draining, loosen the TriClamp clamp slightly, rotate the Arm until the drain tube is above the lees, and retighten the clamp. The drain tube can be placed anywhere between 0" and 8" above or below the racking valve. To operate: Loosen the clamp just a little to turn the arm. Then open the valve slightly while turning the arm until the juice is clear, and retighten clamp. You can now drain all the wine that is above the lees.
Leave the arm in the horizontal position when not in use to prevent lees from settling into the arm.

RA150 1.5" $69 in stock in Taylor
includes 1.5" TC Clamp and teflon gasket

RA200 2" $79 in stock in Taylor
includes 2 " TC Clamp and teflon gasket

How to Determine TriClamp Size

Left photos show position of Rotating Arm (RA200) at same height as valve. Note handle on racking arm (outside of tank) is horizontal.
Right photos show position of racking arm 8" above the valve. Note handle on racking arm (outside tank) is vertical. The arm can be easily rotated to any position between these two positions.

Carbonation/Aeration Stone

Tank Carbonation/Aeration Assembly $245 in stock
Complete with 1.5" TriClamp coupler, Stone, and 1/4" stainless ball valve.
St. Pat's design eliminates the leaks and assembly fuss of competitive stones. Competitive products either 1)weld the stone to an end cap which makes cleaning difficult and flexibility impossible or 2)press the stone between two gaskets which is prone to leaks.
(Must have 1.5" TC port. Will not fit thru a 1" TC port.)

Stone Only $165 in stock
316 stainless, 2 micron porosity. 9.5" Length x 1" diameter. 1/2" MPT on one end, other end closed.

How to Determine TriClamp Size
How to Determine Pipe Thread Size

Special Fitting for Carbonation/Aeration Stone $40 in stock
1.5" TriClamp Coupler—1/4" MPT x 1/2" FPT
End Cap with 1/4" MPT on external face, 1/2" FPT on internal face. This is fitting used on our tank gas diffusion stone at left.

How to Determine TriClamp Size
How to Determine Pipe Thread Size

Replacement Gaskets for Manways and Hatches---Letina Tanks only
Sizing Gaskets---Measure the inside diameter of the opening.

These gaskets work ONLY on Letina Tanks.

Shape of Manway or Hatch
Top Hatch- (T1/230)--Letina Tank only
8" (200 mm)
Top Hatch- (T1/300) -- Letina Tank only
12" (300 mm)


Rectangular--Letina Tank only
17"x22" (440x560 mm)
Oval-Letina Tank only
Round--Letina Tank only
(also used on 16" (400 mm) Top Hatch of Letina tanks, N/250 )
16" (400 mm)
Round--Letina Tank only
12" (300 mm)
Letina uses Elastocil E41 silicone sealant on manway door gaskets to help with seating. Any RTV-1 silicone sealant suitable for food use is fine.  

Letina Thermometers
Analog Thermometer 80 mm stem (~3") $150
Analog Thermometer 200 mm stem (~8") $150
Some older tanks had digital thermometers. Replace those with one of the analog.