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Avt400 Stelvin Capper

  • Stelvin Avt400-S. This provides concise instructions for setting up the Stelvin Capper.
  • Avt400 and electrical. This is the general manual for Avt400 for oil (ROPP capsules) but also applies to the Stelvin capper with one very important exception. Do not adjust the Drive Spring on the Stelvin Capper. The Drive Spring has been preset for Stelvin caps. 
  • Videos: The following videos help in understanding the setup of Avt400.
    • First shows changing bell which will not be needed unless you use this for Stelvin and olive oil.
    • Second shows cutting off top of capsule and beginning of height adjustment of rollers.
    • Third shows height adjustment of lower roller (for tamper-proof seal)
    • Fourth shows height adjustment of other lower roller.
    • Fifth shows height adjustment of upper rollers.
    • Sixth shows centering bottle
    • Seventh shows a capsule being applied.

Parts for Avt400



Changing head on Avt400.

This is only needed if you have two heads for different capsule diameters.
Lower head to lowest position (weight of head and motor now helps in unthreading the head). Loosen large hex nut on top. Unthread and remove the top shaft (black know on top). Remove cover directly abover the head (2 bolts, usually a yellow sticker on this cover).Use large channel locks to grab the spindle under this cover. Now use Pin spanner wrench to unscrew the head.
(Pin spanner wrench that we use is available at mcmaster.com P/N 55165A41)