Pneumatic Capper

Pneumatic Capping Machine $discontinued
Video of capper in use (2.8 MB)

Reliable and professional small capper. We have sold these to home brewers, brewpubs, and beer-on-premise. And we have sold several to the world's largest brewery.

  • Fast--up to 400 bottles/hour
  • Stainless Steel construction with Teflon base
  • Bayonet air fitting for quick connection
  • Caps at 50-70 psi
  • Lightweight benchtop model ~20 lbs
  • Magnetic collar holds bottle cap
  • Additional collar for 29 mm crowns and plastic champagne corks is included
  • Caps 12 to 22 oz bottles without adjustment

Very easy operation. Simply set the bottle on the teflon base, put cap in magnetic collar, and press both pneumatic valves (the black knobs at top on each side). One nice feature is that it will cap 12 and 22 oz bottles without any adjustment.

Stainless steel with teflon platform for bottle. Collars are nickel plated steel. Up to 400 bottles/hour. Operates at 50-80 psi. (I use it at 60 psi). To achieve maximum bottling rate (400 bottles/hr) requires 25 gallon compressor. I have been using it with a 5 gallon compressor which works just fine for a few bottles/minute. Made in Italy.

Two collars are included. One for beer bottle caps and the other for plastic champagne corks. This is a bench top machine--easy to position and handle.

Note: Bayonet fitting is "ARO" style. Most air fittings available here are "Industrial". My "Industrial" female fitting on my air hose works on some of the "ARO" fittings but not on all. We include a "Universal" female fitting that works on both Industrial and ARO as well as "Automotive". I suggest trying your air hose first. If it doesn't snap in, then put the Universal fitting on your air hose. By the way, Universal female connectors are available at Home Depot and most hardware stores.

Click here for manual.

Dimensions. 12"x9"x27". weight ~22 lbs. Ships via UPS.